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Nipple Blossom Instructions:

When placing the nipple blossoms on nipples, just unclip the top and stretch out and around nipple then hook the top together. These are very adjustable attachments. These are made from wire with plastic coating. This really grips the nipple and these can be worn easily right under your clothing.

Nylon Loop Instructions:

When placing the loops on the nipples, be sure and hold the bottom of the loop, and NOT the dangle on the loop as you slide the bead up. If you pull down on the dangle, the ring  will give and it will pull the dangle off.

Metal Clip Instructions:

To put the clips on the nipples, just squeeze where the arrows are in image to tighten the clips onto the nipples. The tighter you squeeze the tighter the 'pinch' on the nipples.

Spring Clamp Instructions:

These clamps are specifically designed to have a *BITE* but if these clamps are too tight, clip them onto something that keeps them stretched open as far as the clamps will open. I used a paper back book to stretch mine. If you leave it clipped onto something for a few days it will stretch the springs and the *BITE* won't be as intense. Those of you who like the *BITE*, just clamp them on! :-)

Clit Clip Instructions:

The first step for putting the Clit Clip on is being in the right mood! The more aroused you are the better! An erect clit makes it much easier to put on!

The second step is to moisten your clit and lips. Use your saliva, your fingers or lovers tongue, use your imagination.

With the clit moist and erect, spread the Clit Clip open just enough to go around the clit and inner lips. Start a little higher than where your inner lips come together above your clit.

It helps if you pull the inner lips out while sliding the Clit Clip down. By doing this, the Clip has more of the lip to stay on with.

When the Clit Clip is started where you want it, keep sliding it down. Gently pull down, slightly spread the Clip open. It may take a few tries before it goes on correctly.

Every so often, the clit and lips need to be moistened, since they tend to dry in the air. It should never be painful, if it is, then the clip is too tight or not on correctly.

If it falls off, it needs to be adjusted tighter. The object is to try different adjustments and different positions of the Clit Clip. Every woman is different so be patient and explore and find what works best for you.

Like all sex toys that come in contact with with the vagina, this clip needs cleaned after use. Just wipe off with a soft cloth dabbed in alcohol or any commercial toy cleaner.