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Listed below are questions people have asked me about my jewelry.

If you have a questions you would like to ask, please just contact me and I will answer you as soon as possible!


I am wondering how long a stretch can the clit clip be worn. Can you put this on and go out for a supper or night on the town? Or is that too long. Is it meant for short play? That really varies from woman to woman. Hard to give a definite answer. Some women can't wear them at all, while others can wear them all day long.
I would try wearing it around the house and see how long you can wear it comfortably, before wearing it out somewhere.
Most important factor is keeping the area moist so the clit doesn't completely dry out and become irritated from the dryness. You should take KY Jelly (or just some kind of lubricant) to moisten yourself in the bathroom while out. There should be no problem wearing it for longer periods of time, while you are out in town or something. BUT important to test this out while your at home first, because not everyone is the same.
Worst that could happen is you may need to go remove it if it gets uncomfortable. Well...........though I actually had one woman write and tell me she had worn hers on a date with her boyfriend and didn't wear panties, and well... while at the movies, she walked to the bathroom and it fell off! She said she was so embarrassed she just kept walking and left it where it fell! Can you imagine the cleaning people finding that! haha The stories they could tell!
So, you might consider the importance of panties to catch it should it leap off while out and about hehehe

I purchased a clip clip set and the clit clip will not stay on, is there a special way it needs to go on?
Yes, actually I have directions on my instructions  page on how to properly put on all the items I make. Click here to view it.

The nipple chain I purchased won't stay on my nipples, they keep falling off, they are the clips, are the loops better? Can you help me with this?
Neither one is really better than the other, it is a matter of preference. However, I have been told by customers, if you have smaller nipples, the nylon loops will work better than the metal clips. The nylon is also softer and doesn't pinch as tightly as the metal clips. It also helps alot if you put the clips or loops on erect nipples. They will stay in place better for a longer period of time. I would also suggest if they are falling off easily, to actually pull the nipple out, and place the clip or loop further back on the nipple to hold it in place better.

I have a pierced clit and wanted to see if you make pierced clit jewelry.
No, I am sorry I do not make pierced jewelry. I don't have any body piercing's and I personally test what I design to make sure it works and it's safe, before I sell it. I have no way of testing pierced jewelry designs, and I will not make items and sell them unless I know they are safe to wear, so I do not make jewelry for piercing's. You can purchase many items here for piercing's: Amber Moon

Does the clit clip need to be cleaned like toys do and if so how do I do that?
Yes, any item or toy that comes in contact with sexual body fluids should be cleaned after use. I use a commercial toy cleaner and just wipe the clit clip and the beads off with it.*Important to let it completely air dry after cleaning before using it again. The toy cleaners can irritate the skin if not dried thoroughly.*

Also, most plastic beads will melt or soften when cleaned with alcohol. I HIGHLY recommend only wearing a clit clip made from glass beads. Plastic beads can't be cleaned properly and will harbor bacteria.

If the clit clip has any plastic beads, or nylon or plastic cording in the construction, I would never wear it OR only wear it once and discard it.

I am looking for a clit clip with beads at top and bottom, can you make me one like that?
Yes I can make one like that, I don't carry any like that now, because when I tested the jewelry, I didn't personally like it. *It's important that the beads are glass! More information about this up directly above this question.* I have had many people tell me with the beads dangling on the clit, it stimulates even more, but I didn't like it so I make mine all just with beads on the bottom that I sell regulary. Just let me know which one you want made that way and I can make you one.